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KIDS: DEC's 2020 New York State Archery Tournament Winners Announced
Jun 12, 2020 16:52 ET
[Reprinted from original]

The 12th annual New York National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) state tournament was hosted by DEC from March 13th through May 8th. The annual statewide tournament was originally scheduled for March 20th, at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, however it was switched to a school-based tournament as a safer alternative in the wake of the pandemic. The 2020 live state tournament had the most archers registered to compete than any previous tournament, with 675 students from 39 schools across New York. With the quick turnaround of a school-based tournament, 135 students from six different schools were able to participate.

DEC has previously hosted school-based state tournaments when live tournaments were not possible. Mimicking the rules and regulations from a live tournament, the 135 students competed from their home schools in one of three divisions: High School, grades 9-12; Middle School, grades 6-8; and Elementary School, grades 4-5. Each competitor in the state tournament could achieve a maximum score of 300 points. Both overall top winners were from St. Joseph by the Sea High School in Richmond County: the overall top male archer for the second year in a row was Daniel Pearson with a score of 296 and the top female archer in the tournament was Rachel Roccanova with a score of 285. Daniel and Rachel each received a trophy and a NY Champion Genesis bow. Awards were also given out in each of the three divisions for first through 10th places.

The first-place team in the high school division was St. Joseph by the Sea High School in Richmond County. The first-place team in the middle school division was Norwich City School District in Chenango County. For the full list of results, please visit the tournament website.

The New York State NASP® Tournament is offered only to students who participated in the NASP archery program during in-school classes taught by certified NASP® teachers. For more information on how schools can become involved in NASP®, and to view DEC's photo gallery (, visit DEC's website. To learn more about the National Archery in the Schools Program, visit their website (