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January 2020 CHINA REPORT
Jan 21, 2020 08:54 ET
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We have just returned from a wild fur promotional tour of China, including visits to the Beijing Fur Fair,
Daying, Suning, Haining, Chongfu, Hangzhou and Shanghai. While the Beijing Fair has shrunk in size,
it still marks an important location to meet with established clients and to make introductions to new
buyers. At a time when farmed mink demand is diminishing, it is encouraging to hear so many Chinese
willing to discuss the opportunity for change and variety that wild fur offers.
Rather than focusing all of our attention on buyers, we have broadened our focus to include brokers,
skin dealers, manufacturers and especially designers. The designer perspective will serve us well in
understanding the needs and intentions of the Chinese marketplace going forward. It is clear that
there is a desire for change, a desire for something trendy that can surpass simply full fur garments and
include trim and accents on cloth garments. All varieties of wild fur can fulfill the desire for something
that is both natural and different at the same time.
The hugely increased quantities that we are offering on our March 2020 auction have attracted
considerable attention and we expect a record turnout of Chinese buyers.