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Iowa sees surging numbers of racoons amid less trapping
Dec 10, 2022 16:48 ET

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — Virtually any experienced wildlife control specialist has a good raccoon story or two.

Some incidents showcase the nocturnal creature’s skill and finesse. Wildlife biologist Joe Taylor recalled one case that stood out at his business, Paw Control Wildlife Solutions in Hiawatha.

“The raccoons … traveled to the basement, came up the stairs and ate from the cat food bowl. (The homeowners) couldn’t imagine this sort of thing could be possible anywhere,” he said. “I had to chuckle a little bit — I hadn’t thought of that one.”

Others who have suffered greater levels of destruction aren’t laughing as much. For wildlife control specialists like Ben Stutzman, raccoon calls have been some of his most memorable with Catch’em Critters in Wellman.

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