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Idaho Trappers Association Fur Sale
Dec 23, 2018 16:02 ET

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ITA Fur Sale

January 19th, 2019
March 9th, 2019
Elmore County Fairgrounds and Event Center
Glenns Ferry, ID

Fur sale update! Fur sales Jan 19 and March 9th. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to move fur sale to Elmore County fairgrounds in Glenns Ferry. The location is actually better with a bigger building. Some more changes this year. To speed things up this year we are not releasing checks at the sale. The ITA will be mailing them out after the sale. Now to the good news! Coyotes are hot, hot, hot. Already have two new big buyers call me interested in coming to our sale. I am shooting for 1200 coyotes at the sale. Remember.. More fur = more buyers = more money for your fur. I will be advertising over into Oregon, Nevada and Utah. We will have more fur than last year, more demos, gun raffle and great time to meet up with old friends. Fish and game will be there tagging cats and will speak to us. I will have a general membership meeting and go over what changes I'm proposing this next cycle with the fish and game. Don't miss it!