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Idaho Expanded River Otter Trapping
Feb 2, 2022 06:01 ET

[Reprinted from original]

Last week, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission voted to expand trapping for river otters on the Middle Fork of the Clearwater, the Snake and the Salmon rivers. Last week’s 6-1 vote also lifts restrictions on portions of the North Fork of the Payette River. According to state officials, roughly 100 otters have been killed across Idaho so far this trapping season. The maximum number that can be trapped is 160, and the season is slated to run through March 31st.

The change approved by the commission expands where trapping can occur, but retains the maximum quotas for each region. State officials said there are about 50 to 80 trappers who pursue river otters, and that the Idaho Trappers Association expressed interest in the expansion. Backers said trapping is part of Idaho’s heritage and cited in the Idaho Constitution.