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Jan 19, 2023 07:03 ET

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Trapping Conventions in the US and Canada

In recent years, trapping conventions have become a contentious issue in the United States and Canada. These conventions, which are organized by trapping organizations and enthusiasts, have been criticized by animal welfare groups for promoting the use of cruel and inhumane traps. Despite this criticism, trapping conventions continue to be held across the country, with many taking place in the US and Canada in 2023.

The North American Trapping Association (NATA) is one of the largest trapping organizations in the United States and Canada, and it holds an annual convention in a different location each year. This year, the NATA convention will be held in the state of Montana, where attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trapping techniques and equipment, as well as participate in workshops and seminars.

Another major trapping convention in the US and Canada is the Fur Takers of America (FTA) annual convention. This year, the FTA convention will be held in the state of Wisconsin, and it will feature a variety of trapping-related activities, including demonstrations, vendor booths, and competitions.

Despite the popularity of these conventions, they have faced significant backlash from animal welfare groups. Organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States and PETA have called for an end to trapping conventions, arguing that they promote the use of cruel and inhumane traps that can cause immense suffering to animals.

In response to these criticisms, many trapping organizations have taken steps to address concerns about animal welfare. The NATA, for example, has implemented a series of guidelines for its members to follow when trapping animals, which include requirements for the use of humane traps and the prompt release of any animals that are accidentally caught.

Despite these efforts, the debate over trapping conventions in the US and Canada is likely to continue in the coming years. While trapping organizations argue that trapping is a necessary and important activity for wildlife management and conservation, animal welfare groups insist that it is cruel and inhumane, and that alternative methods should be used instead.

In the meantime, trapping conventions will continue to be held in various states and provinces in the US and Canada, and enthusiasts will continue to gather to learn and exchange information on the practice.

However, it's worth noting that trapping laws and regulations vary by state and province, and some places have banned the use of certain trap types or the trapping of certain species altogether.