Conservation and Trapping Science

Harvest Management of Furbearers
May 20, 2021 08:21 ET

Furbearers, mammalian species either currently or historically harvested primarily for their pelts, are unique because of their economic value. This chapter describes the role of fur harvesters in management with regard to their economic and other motivations. The authors describe a wide array of regulation types that are shared with other harvested species groups, as well as regulations specific to trapping. Some regulations are devised to minimize incidental capture of non-target species, whereas others address potential concerns about animal welfare. The decision-making process for harvest management of furbearers is embedded in a complicated social matrix that includes the general public, trapping organizations, and trappers. The authors describe the need to leverage the interests of stakeholder trapping organizations to collect and utilize data to inform harvest management decisions for furbearer management.