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H.191: Vermont State Legislators Seek to Outlaw Trapping
Feb 10, 2023 16:42 ET

On Monday, February 6, a group of 25 state representatives in Vermont brought forth a bill that would outlaw trapping in the Green Mountain State. Dubbed H.191, the House bill seeks to “prohibit the trapping of fur-bearing animals” unless the trapping is done “in order to defend property or agricultural crops.” If signed into law, the bill would effectively end all recreational trapping by private citizens in Vermont.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department (VFWD) currently holds trapping seasons for 13 fur-bearing animals. Those species include beavers, muskrats, weasels, foxes, opossums, coyotes, raccoons, and bobcats. Vermont trapping seasons start in late October and end on December 31. The state requires that all trappers operating in Vermont by either licensed by the VDFW or by the game agency of any other U.S. state or Canadian province. Trapper education certification is also mandatory.

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