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Group announces new Trappers Workshop
Aug 17, 2021 06:15 ET

HERMANSVILLE — The Annual Beginning Trappers Workshop will be held on Saturday, August 28, at the William Anderson Sportsman’s Club in Hermansville. This event will run from 8 a.m. to about 4 p.m. CDT. Admission is free and this is open to the public. The workshop is put on by UP Trappers of District Three. There will be trapping demos for “kids” of all ages, free weasel boxes, dog-proof coon traps and colony muskrat traps for appropriate aged youngsters. (The muskrat colony traps will be built on site by the older kids themselves, under the guidance of District Three members).

Trevor Barnes of Barnes Hide and Fur Co. will be on hand buying fur (stretched and dried only). Kids will have the opportunity to sign up for upcoming trapper education courses. Food and refreshments will be available. Members of the William Anderson Sportsman’s Club will be preparing the food.

The agenda for the day is: 8 a.m. doors open, 9:30 a.m. weasel trapping demo by Jim Fornetti 10:30, “Trapping for Beginners” by John Gunville, 11:30 Colony Trap Building, 12:30 Lunch Break, 1:30 Raffle and door prize drawings, at 2:30 Weasel box/trap and Dog-proof coon traps will be given out, and the final event at about 3:30 will be a coyote trapping demo by Randy Johnsen.

“Our annual workshop has been going on for many years with the first Saturday in February being the date. This year we thought we’d try an additional workshop in late August. The trapping seasons are just around the corner and I am sure the kids will be anxious to try out their new traps and ideas they got from this workshop. A lot of trapping (particularly muskrat) is done in water and early fall is a great time to capture the water dwellers (beaver, muskrat, otter, and even raccoon which frequent the water as well). The youngsters won’t have to wait very long to get out and use their new “free” trapping equipment and knowledge,” said Mike Lewis, longtime member of UP Trappers and workshop coordinator. “There will be a lot of free stuff for the kids, including free tips and advice from not only the presenters but from any of the “old” trappers in attendance. These veterans love to help kids (or anyone) with any questions they may have. They also readily share their tips and trapping stories to anyone interested. With all that experience, these guys can provide a wealth of knowledge sure to shorten the learning curve for any trapper.” Lewis added.

Along with free traps, magazines etc., there will be door prizes. Each youngster will win a prize.

William Anderson Sportsman’s Club is located near the Hermansville Pond west of town.