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Groenewold Market Update for 2022-2023 (video) 10/05/2022
Oct 5, 2022 18:34 ET


Guy Groenewold Fur Market Update 10/05/2022

  • Started off the call talking about how they could use beaver.
  • First year ever they’re buying beaver with no beaver in the freezer.
  • They can buy beaver green or dried.
  • Otter: Can use Otter. Otter will be stable or “maybe they’ve advanced a little since last year.” An item they can actually sell. Green or stretched and dried.
  • Muskrats: Wait to see. Don’t know the direction it will go due to the dressing overseas. How to get into China in a way that’s profitable and less expensive and not difficult to do.
  • Bobcats: Will be up probably a little bit from last year. They’re sold out from last year. Bobcats from all regions of the US they can use.
  • Raccoon: They can-use Western type Raccoon, Iowa, Minnesota, Good-Wisconsin’s, Northern Illinois, Nebraska, The Dakotas, Missouri, Kansas. Anything Western and semi-heavy Western they can use. Maybe not that high but they can use them. Eastern Raccoon “not much of a market.”
  • Fishers: They can use fishers.
  • Pine Marten: They can use.
  • Red Fox: Not that expensive but they can buy it and use.
  • Eastern Coyotes: Eastern Coyotes tough, Mid-Western Coyotes tough.
  • Western (Good Western) Heavy Coyote: “There might be something.”
  • Advice: If he were a Trapper, he would trap Beaver. The US has more beaver than ever before. The Missouri River is filled with them. The Mississippi basin is filled with them. The east coast is filled with them with the exception of Maryland and Pennsylvania.
  • They will run all their routes and will start posting them in a couple of weeks.
  • Skunks: They can use
  • Deer hides: Good new glove this year to trade for hides (Camo with leather palm). Tails Must be on the deer as they have a little value this year. They will only buy deer hides on regular routes in the Midwest, nowhere else.
  • Gary will run in Iowa
  • Guy and Bryce, they getting ready for Wisconsin.
  • They’re going to see what their plans are for Indiana, Ohio, and “That area of Michigan.”
  • Bryce is around this year.
  • They’ll let you know what they’ll be doing in Kansas.
  • Terry will be setting up routes soon for Missouri.
  • Gary will setup all his East Coast routes from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia.
  • Gary will be at the southwest Trappers Convention next week.
  • Will be up in Maryland. A little bit in the Pennsylvania but not as much as last year. All of New York again they’ll do.
  • Hopefully the guys from Connecticut and New Jersey will come over (to NY I guess).
  • Castor will have value.
  • Prime Raccoon means Prime-Raccoon. Don’t go out early and get early raccoons.
  • Won’t take any carcass in their trucks this year likely.
  • Will be buying “all the items.”
  • If anyone has a large amount of fur let them know. They have trucks moving around “right now.” If any dealers with anything, let them know.
  • If any new places for them to stop, let them know.
  • They want to service the trappers in the US and be all throughout the US.
  • Contact Groenewold Fur and Wool: Telephone: 815-938-2381 or Send email: