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Groenewold Market Update (10/13/2022) (video)
Oct 13, 2022 14:05 ET

Video (10/13/2022):

Summary of video:

  • Gary said they will be posting their routes very soon for the North (Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin).

  • Top price for beaver will be $20 it looks like for Green beaver. Will be more for stretched and dried beaver.

  • Will be listing their routes early so people know when to sell (mentioned New York specifically and that it would be in the spring).

  • Excited to buy fur. Mentioned Beaver being of interest again. Said every part of the animal has value from the meat to the castor to the skulls to the hide.

  • Bryce just posted a message for the guys in Canada. They're out as far as Ontario and out west they are. But in the east they don't have many contacts so they want you to call Bryce (use the number on their website) and set up something.

  • Gary said again maybe Coon isn't the thing but go after beaver. Bryce is working really hard to find alternative ways to market coyotes. Nothing yet on that front.

  • Gary will be down in Virginia this weekend at the South East Regional NTA conference (Saturday he will be there).

  • Reiterated that if you have any places you wanted them to stop or you're a dealer, to get in touch with them.

Routes Coming Soon:

GFW is buying Bobcat (
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Stay connected with GFW's buyers in Canada (