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Game commission meeting on trapping
Nov 28, 2018 09:56 ET
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Meeting Date: November 30, 2018 Agenda Number: 11
Presenter: Stewart Liley Corroborator: N/A
Agenda Title: Trapping and Furbearer Rule 19.32.2 NMAC
1. Summary of Agenda Item
The Department will present proposed changes to the Trapping and Furbearer Rule 19.32.2
NMAC for Commission discussion and direction. Proposed changes include mandatory
trapper education, increasing set back requirements, allowance for closure of areas to
trapping, signage, and further defining the definition of trail.
2. Background Information
At the October 5, 2018, Commission meeting the Department discussed the results of
trapping stakeholder meetings and sought Commission input on potential rule changes for
trapping which could include things such as mandatory trapper education, setback
requirements, closures, and penalties. At that meeting, the Commission gave direction to the
Department to consider changes to setback requirements, mandatory trapper education,
and allowances for closures in certain circumstances.
3. Strategic Plan References and Possible Impacts of Agenda Item
The process as presented to the Commission meets the Conservation Services Program
Objectives 1 and 15 of the Department’s Strategic Plan: FY 2013 – FY 2018
4. Considerations Regarding Duplications and/or Conflicts with Existing Rules or
5. Description and Summary of Public Involvement Process and Results
The Department engaged in four (4) trapping stakeholder meetings from November
2017 to March of 2018. The stakeholders consisted of individuals representing both
pro-trapping and anti-trapping organizations. The Department will also hold a
listening session on the proposed changes prior to the November Commission meeting.
6. Suggested Motion
This is a discussion item and no motion is necessary, unless Commission direction
dictates otherwise.
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