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Fur has disappeared from runways
Mar 2, 2022 06:47 ET

Mentions of fur:

"There were a lot — I mean a lot — of extremely shaggy faux-fur coats. The only thing minimal about Luke and Lucie Meier’s version for Jil Sander was the coat’s soft off-white colour. Dolce & Gabbana sent cartoonishly delightful and garishly colourful versions one after another to seal the point — it’s always their point — that fashion can be joyous and even comedic."

"The plethora of these coats, so clearly aimed at replacing fur, reminded me how starkly real fur has disappeared from runways. It wasn’t so many years ago that Milan’s catwalks were chock full of mink, fox and even astrakhan and broadtail. It’s almost impossible today to imagine seeing on a runway coats made from the soft skins of newborn or in-utero lambs."

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