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Fur handling, from recent Trapping Radio Episode
Oct 2, 2018 09:20 ET
Comments: FUR TIPS
from CLINT LOCKLEAR's show, Trapping Radio

From episode c. 092918, I didn't catch the title:

NOTE: following is me paraphrasing, not Clint's words but instead... my interpretation

1.) Blow your fur with a shop vac. Will make it look like it's tanned and they'll pay more money for it.

2.) Brush a little "lacquer thinner" on coon, beaver, otter when (just before or after doesn't matter) the hide side is OUT. Put a little on a rag and run over the hide as it will "draw the last little bit of oil out of there." It will evaporate it. It will make your fur "a different level."

Aside: Says "Matt Jones" makes the best fur putting up videos Clint has ever seen. Keith Winkler at Sterling Fur owns the video and others may or may not sell it. But get that for a video on putting up fur Clint says is best.