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Fur Trade Assoc. got into the Financial Times in Letter to the Editor
Mar 8, 2022 07:08 ET

[Reprinted from original]

From Frank Zilberkweit, Chair, British Fur Trade Association, London SW8, UK

There are very good reasons why the British cabinet opposes any possible fur ban (“Animals abroad bill Tories threaten rebellion over foie gras ban U-turn”, Report, February 23).

A ban would make no difference to animal welfare, as the environment secretary George Eustice himself confirmed to parliament in 2018, and is not supported by the vast majority of the British people. It would result in thousands of job losses, disrupt trade with key allies, including the US and Canada, both major fur producers, and damage consumer choice.

A fur ban could not be implemented in Northern Ireland given its trading status with the EU. Banning fur in Great Britain would therefore break the government’s own laws guaranteeing free trade within the UK, creating two separate regimes and placing massive further pressure on the Northern Ireland protocol.

We are pleased that members of the government have recognised these concerns and have decided not to pursue such an unworkable and damaging step, despite the calls of animal rights activists.

It should be for people themselves to decide if they wish to buy and wear fur, not government, acting like wardrobe police, telling people what they should and should not wear.

The government should now engage with us to deliver on our shared goals around animal welfare.

Frank Zilberkweit
Chair, British Fur Trade Association
London SW8, UK