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Fur Prices: 2023-2024 Fur Market Forecast (video)
Oct 19, 2023 07:14 ET

First paragraph from Jeremiah's article:

In recent years, uncertainty has been the name of the game in the fur market. While uncertainty will always be a factor in a dynamic and changing market, enough events have unfolded over the past year to give us a decent level of predictability for prices this season. With the exception of beaver, most major fur items are expected to bring low prices, similar to past years. Some of the northern furs that are harvested in limited quantities (marten, wolf, wolverine, lynx) should be met with continued demand and bring decent prices. There is some upside to the lower end goods like raccoon, mink and muskrat depending on how the ranch mink supply plays out. Overall, most trappers would be wise to focus on beaver to pay the bills, while targeting other species where opportunity or necessity arises.

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Video posted 10/19/2023 on same topic: