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Fur Harvesters Opens Winnipeg Operation
Nov 25, 2019 09:14 ET
Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. is pleased to announce that we have taken over NAFA`s former Western Canada
Wild Fur Operations building at 567 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
In an effort to continue servicing the trappers of western Canada in a fashion they are accustomed to we are very
pleased to announce the operation will be run by Mary Schellenberg. Mary was General Manager of NAFA`s
Western Canada Wild Fur Operations for many years and is highly respected and competent in all aspects of
running this operation. We welcome Mary to the Fur Harvesters team.
This operation will be the collection hub for ALL western shipments destined for North Bay. All skins arriving
in Winnipeg will be received and ticketed with FHA traceability bar code tags, after which everything will
be shipped on to FHA headquarters for final processing for auction. The only exception will be WESTERN
COYOTES which will remain in Winnipeg to be drummed and graded.
D`Arcy Lachance will be in charge of putting up our Western Coyote assortment. D`Arcy is well respected as
having been NAFA`s lead WESTERN coyote grader for the past many years. We welcome D`Arcy to the Fur
Harvesters team. We are confident that this news will solidify confidence in ALL coyote producers of Western
Canada as well as the vast number of International coyote buyers that know D`Arcy.
The International buying trade has always paid a SOLID PREMIUM for graded goods at auction. This will
continue because the demand remains for a quality auction grade with a certified branded reputation.
As well, this new Western Canadian Operation will operate a FHA Trans Canada Trap line Supply Store in an
effort to further service the trappers in the west.
In closing I personally want to welcome the trappers of Western Canada and state that our business was built by
trappers and our doors remain open to all trappers. We are in the business of SELLING FUR, not buying fur, as
our end game is to achieve the highest price possible for our shippers. Service has always been our priority and
that is what you will receive whether you ship a bag of fur or a truck load.
Mark Downey
Chief Executive Officer
Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.