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Fur Harvesters' Message on IFF Sustainability Strategy
Feb 19, 2020 08:33 ET

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As a participating auction house in the IFF levy program, Fur Harvesters Auction is a full
participant in these global initiatives:


This morning, the IFF launched the fur sector’s first global sustainability strategy at the Royal
Danish Embassy in London.

Attendees included major brands, retailers, publications including Vogue, GQ and WWD,
sustainability experts, representatives from embassies from major fur producing and
manufacturing countries including Canada, Greece, Finland and Iceland, the UN, the UK
parliament and from those directly involved in industry.

The audience heard contributions from the Chairman of Fur Europe, John Papso, Chairman of
the Fur Information Council of America, Ryan Holt, fashion designer, fashion designer,
Ineta Joksaite and Style Editor of British Vogue, Gianluca Longo as well as IFF representatives.

The sustainability strategy will set out a clear direction of travel for the industry and wider
supply chain, based around the UN’s sustainable development goals, and will consist of groundbreaking global initiatives, targeted interventions and clear goals that will move the industry to
becoming truly sustainable.

The strategy will consist of 3 key pillars and 8 major initiatives:

Already based on stringent controls, standards and independent inspection, the fur industry
will in 2020 launch FURMARK, a global welfare certification and traceability scheme that will
incorporate a range of species-specific farm raised and wild fur programs providing
consumers visibility and transparency

Seek to bring other fur bearing species and country specific programs into FURMARK by
2025 as the respective science-based, certification standards are implemented and
independently assessed

In 2020, publish independent science-based evaluations of the carbon footprint of farm
raised and wild fur followed by the introduction of ambitious ten-year reduction targets

In 2020, roll out a comprehensive chemical standard for the dressing and dying process
backed by third party inspection and verification
In 2020, expand sector programs to promote re-use, up-cycling and recycling of natural fur

In 2020, roll out the requirement of businesses involved in the fur sector to ensure globally
recognised business practices including anti-corruption policies

In 2020, roll out initiatives to recognise the role of workers within the supply chain including
adoption of industry wide anti-slavery commitments and recognition of indigenous peoples
involved in fur production

By 2025 introduce social and environmental certification through the FURMARK supply

The Natural Fur Strategy will be reported regularly and subject to external transparency and

Fur is one of the most sustainable natural materials, the epitome of ‘slow fashion’, and is an
industry worth an estimated $30billion per year that employs hundreds of thousands across the
globe. All of those involved in the sector and wider supply chain have a role to play in helping to
meet and deliver such ambitious goals.

For further information please see below or contact
Paul Stockall, Director of Standards and Sustainability at the IFF.

Media release:

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