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Fur Harvesters Auction: 2023 Market Forecast (10/17/2022)
Oct 19, 2022 08:53 ET

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October 17, 2022

Fur Harvesters Auction Inc 2023 Market Forecast

Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. dates have been selected with two auctions to be held “LIVE” in March and May 2023. The March auction will take place in North Bay with a possibility of the May auction being held elsewhere. Details of this, if it is to transpire, will follow.

Travel restrictions for all internationals arriving to Canada have been lifted and this has allowed a return of live traditional auctions to be held. Last month SAGA Furs of Finland were the 1st to hold a live auction since the pandemic and their results on most items were positive with very strong clearances on all ranch mink and certain types of foxes. Russia held a sable auction last month as well and surprisingly prices improved and clearances were strong. This is a positive indicator that North American sables will do well this coming year. We are anticipating good demand on our sables as Russia did well despite the issues they face due to sanctions, as well other concerns brought on by the Russia Ukraine conflict. There will be none of these issue facing buyers wishing to purchase sables at FHA.

With the exception of coyotes we are expecting better prices on all other long haired goods desirable for trim. Fisher prices and clearances are likely to continue to move upwards as has been the case the past two seasons.

There is no question that FHA consistently receives the highest prices for wolves and wolverines in the world. Our customer base on taxidermy articles is very large and customers always have to fight to get what they want. We had the largest offering of Black Wolves in our history on our June 2022 sale with clearance of 100% averaging $587.84 and a top of $1012.50. Western Timbers sold 100%, average $231 and a top of $468. Arctic Wolves 100% clearance, average $302 top of $731. Eastern Timbers sold at $146 and a top of $443. A total offering of close to 600 wolves and customers still needed more at sales conclusion. The same demand exists with wolverine; our June offering sold 100% at an average of $487 and top of $887.50. Black Bears and Grizzly Bears will be in strong demand also this season.

Beaver is another item that we have always outperformed our competitors for decades. Results on both last year’s auctions had beaver prices advancing with healthy increases each sale and a June clearance of 100%. We have been getting calls for beaver since the June sale concluded.

Lynx cat (Bobcat) is an item that is in good demand at levels that remain very worthwhile trapping. Commercial cats from all sections are all but cleared out and we continue to sell at a $1000.00 US basis on top XXL western “A” caliber cats. As we will be holding all auctions live this season we expect this to bring about an increase in price and clearance on WESTERN cats. Lynx will be saleable once again at levels consistent and likely better than 2022.

Otter are expected to sell at better levels again and clearances were good last year. Wild mink is expected to remain unchanged and difficult to move. We are optimistic that the recent clearances of ranch mink at the two European auctions will help stimulate muskrat sales and we intend on sticking to our evaluations until this happens. In the case of raccoon we will continue to meet the market and sell, expecting some price increases on better sections for 2023.

As the world’s last remaining “WILD FUR AUCTION” our mandate remains unchanged. To supply our trappers with the best service and fight for the best prices, while providing international buyers the most diversified and finest graded wild fur assortments on the planet.

Good luck to everyone this season.


Mark Downey
Chief Executive Officer
Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.