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Fur Harvesters 02/24 Statement on Market and Upcoming Auction
Feb 25, 2020 07:08 ET

[Reprinted from original]

Original Title: The Wild Fur Market and making informed
decisions moving forward in 2020.

The Global fur market is always set at the International Auctions. In the world of Ranch mink that means Kopenhagen Fur Centre in Denmark and Saga Furs of Finland. As Fur Harvesters Auction is the last remaining Wild Fur Auction house operating on this continent on an International level the market will not be set until the conclusion of our March 24th /26th 2020 auction.

As the only Wild Fur Auction House as well being trapper owned we feel responsible to advise and caution those trappers that currently have fur on hand to seriously consider waiting for the results to come in from our March 2020 auction before making the call where to market.

Our next auction is not till May 30 to June 2nd and we are expecting strong support from both the supplier side and from the International buying community. As our last receiving dates and countless route trucks will once again be rolling in early April there is no reason to make any rush decisions.

As well to keep in mind FHA is the last remaining operation that annually funds Provincial, Territorial and State Associations as well as the Fur Institute of Canada and the International Fur Federation through percentages of fur sales. These funds are needed to keep all these organizations remaining strong in order to lobby and combat those that threaten our industry and our way of life. We believe in free enterprise and strong competition as its great for business. That’s why we spend a lot of time and money travelling the globe doing wild fur workshops and seminars all in an effort to fill our auction room with buyers to COMPETE for your hard acquired catch.