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Fur Federation Requests Interest
Jan 21, 2020 08:57 ET

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Calling all Farmers, Dressers & Dyers, Manufacturers, Designers and Retailers! Join the world’s largest and only fur trade organisation today to access and enjoy a number of benefits. Full membership coming soon!

Membership Benefits
1. Promotion and Placement
Members will have their products and services promoted exclusively on, and on wearefur’s social media channels reaching more than 40,000 followers.
2. Exclusive content
Members will have exclusive access to fashion images from IFF’s annual fashion campaigns and fashion week images featuring natural fur straight from the runway.
3. Live and On-Demand Training
Members will be able to access live and on-demand webinars led by expert speakers on topics and issues that apply to you and your work. Topics will include best-practice demonstrations for social media, retail visual merchandising, and how to transition to e-commerce.
4. Members Advice Line
Members will be given exclusive access to IFFs advice helpline to support members, including access to a direct-line to help with customs, import and export queries and challenges from animal activists.
5. Exclusive Access to FURMARK Guides
Members will be able to access IFFs FURMARK program online with easy step-by-step guides on how the program works.
6. Members Forum
Members will be able to connect with one another, share ideas and best- practice through IFFs online portal.
7. Members Conference
Members will be invited to an annual conference comprised of presentations, workshops and discussions to help strengthen your business and foster connections.
8. Weekly News Updates
Members will receive weekly news updates on auction prices and industry news on sustainability, fashion and animal rights and much more.9. Product Insurance
Members will have access to product insurance providing peace of mind.
10. Local Support
Members will have the option to join their national fur federation for more support.
11. Exclusive Diary Access
Members will have exclusive access to IFFs comprehensive calendar with important fur actions and fashion event dates.

Full membership will be launching in 2020. To register your interest in joining IFF, complete the registration form below.