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From a New Mexico Trapper
Feb 8, 2019 08:52 ET
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I am a New Mexico trapper. I recently saw that House Bill 366, the Wildlife Protection & Public Safety Act, has been introduced. I definitely oppose this bill. Wildlife management should be conducted and regulated by game departments that have biologists and wildlife experts. The foothold trap, according to multiple wildlife management agencies, is the only practical and efficient way to manage predators and fur-bearing animals.

There are strict regulations on trapping in New Mexico that are enforced. Emotions have no place in wildlife management. New Mexico trappers provide a valuable service to New Mexico wildlife and reduce the risk of human and predator conflicts.

Many fail to follow New Mexico’s leash laws, and in the rare case a dog is captured in a legally placed trap, no one considers the dangers of letting a pet run off-leash. Pet owners have paid the price from urban coyotes with no fear of people, not to mention sheep and cattle producers. Please support New Mexico trappers who not only pay for wildlife but voluntarily control predators in New Mexico as well. I urge you to vote no on HB 366.

Beau Thedford

Las Cruces