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Free prizes at annual trappers workshop Feb. 1
Jan 28, 2020 12:45 ET

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HERMANSVILLE?– The Upper Peninsula Trappers Association will host its annual “Beginning Trappers Workshop” on Saturday, Feb. 1.

The event will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Community Center in Hermansville. Although it’s geared toward youngsters, anyone interested in the outdoors is welcome.

Admission is free and lunch is available for purchase.

There will be fur handling instruction on mink, muskrat and raccoon by Nathan Belanger; a mink, muskrat and raccoon trapping session by Clint Seawright; and a weasel trapping demonstration by Jim Fornetti.

Longtime attendee of this event, Scott Burton of Burtons Lures, will sell a wide variety of trapping supplies. Clint Seawright of Skunk Creek Trapping Supplies also will have a large selection of trapping gear for sale. Seawright will be buying furs at the event as well.

All presenters will be happy to answer questions and interact with the audience. Many veteran trappers at the event, too, will be willing to share tips, advice or trapping stories with attendees. All members share the common goal of getting kids involved in outdoor activities.

“We want to pass on information from the experience and knowledge of us veterans to the younger generation,” said Roy Dahlgren, president of U.P. Trappers District 3. “These youngsters hopefully will continue to protect our renewable resources and pass along this heritage to their own children someday. All presenters and other participants will not only give advice on capture, but also will stress the importance of some vital issues which can occur on the trapline. We want all who trap to set traps safely and legally; use proper trap selection; avoid catching non-target animals and practice good sportsmanship — as we trappers share the forest with other outdoor enthusiasts.”

Each young trapper will be given a guaranteed door prize. Youth age 11 and younger will receive a free trapping startup kit including a trap, lure, stretcher, weasel box and more. Ages 12 and older will go home with a raccoon lure and a brand-new trap.

The front desk will have free literature and a fur identification game.

For more information, go to or contact event coordinator Mike Lewis at 906-774-3592 or