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Free fox trapping workshop
Mar 18, 2019 08:53 ET

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Berry Landcare and the National Parks Association of NSW are hosting a free fox cage trapping and leg-hold trapping workshop for landholders in Berry.

The workshop will run from 2-5 pm on Saturday, March 23.

The workshop is provided free to landholders as part of the Berry Bush Links project, which is funded from the NSW Environmental Trust Bush Connect program.

It's being delivered by local fox control contractor, Dean Bagnell, and Bush Connect Project Officer, David Rush.

"Dean will be showing landholders how to set and use cage traps and leg hold traps to catch foxes," David said.

"I will be discussing fox ecology, behaviour and diet and providing informing to landholders about funding available in the Berry Bush Links project."

The red fox is a common and widespread feral pest in Australia and one of the most destructive species ever introduced to Australia.

It carries part of the blame for Australia's appalling record of mammal species extinctions - we have lost 90 native species (including 20 mammal species) since its introduction to Australia in the 1870s.

In 2004, foxes were estimated to cost Australian agriculture more than $230 million each year.

An article from the University of Queensland in 2018 suggests that Invasive species may now have overtaken habitat loss as the number one biggest threat to native biodiversity.

The benefits of using cage or leg-hold traps include:

No need for authorised training or legislation (related to lethal baits)
No use of lethal or toxic baits
No chance of harming non-target species
Trapping offers an option for fox control to complement baiting and shooting
Trapping is quicker and easier (compared to baiting) than most people think
Registrations for the workshop are essential. Contact David Rush to register at