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Free Basics of Coyote Trapping Workshop
Feb 25, 2019 14:45 ET

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A free basics of coyote trapping workshop will be held from 5:30-8:30 p.m. March 13 at the Wildlife District Five office, located at 1076 Old Springfield Pike in Xenia. Trained professionals will cover topics such as life history, laws and trapping techniques.

Since space is limited to 30 participants, pre-registration is required. No walk-ins will be permitted. Interested persons may register online at This workshop will take place outdoors so participants should dress for the weather.

According to the Ohio Division of Wildlife (DOW), urban coyotes are not out to eat people’s dog or cat at the first opportunity. They are not regular dumpster divers either. The wildlife agency says, studies have shown that urban coyotes stick mainly to a natural diet. Typical foods consumed by coyotes include small mammals (voles, shrews, rabbits, mice), plant matter, nuts and dead animals such as road-kill.

According to the DOW, coyote activity builds in January and continues through March during the breeding season. Coyotes may attack dogs in defense of themselves or their territory, so keeping control of domestic dogs is crucial for a pet’s safety. During April and May, coyotes tend to actively protect their litters as well, which could lead to potential conflicts with humans and pets.