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Fort Crockett was a busy fur-trade site in Brown’s Park
Apr 18, 2022 10:29 ET

By mid-April of 1836, most of the country knew about the siege of the Alamo in Texas that year and the deaths of more than 180 men defending it, including Col. William Travis, Jim Bowie and a former Tennessee congressman named David Crockett.

A year later, Crockett was honored in what would become Colorado when three fur traders opened a trading post on the Green River in Brown’s Hole (now Brown’s Park). They named their trading post Fort Davy Crockett. Some called it Fort David Crockett or just Fort Crockett.

It was a short-lived post, probably operating for no more than three years. But during its brief life, many famous mountain men visited, people like Joe Meek, Doc Newell, Jo Walker, Antoine Robidoux and Kit Carson.

Although situated in a lush meadow next to the Green River, “The fort itself is the worst thing of its kind that we have seen on our journey,” wrote doctor and amateur scientist Frederick Adolph Wislizenus after visiting in 1839.

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