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Fisher Tips from Jack Hill on Trap House Podcast
Oct 6, 2022 06:56 ET

Fisher Notes:

What: A snippet from the podcast I decided to write down for posterity. Notes are for me, written sloppily.

- Fisher and Marten do likely not coexist well together. Fisher will he thinks take them out.

  • Some fisher were introduced to take down the porcupine population.

  • Fisher will dart through the woods, like they’re on a mission. They have a travel route. A mink will come through say every 7 days on his route. Think of a fisher as “a bigger mink;” He just has a bigger route. He may come through every 2-3 weeks.

  • Fisher are very easy to trap. But very hard to locate. Locate: He locates them after-season in WI where he lives. His season closes around early January.

  • Fisher will visit bear bait stations on a regular-basis; they’ll revisit all the time (mice, squirrels, etc. will be around they might think); So set there.

  • Second method: in January always look around. Fisher “track a lot like a coon” because of the same size dimensions, but they have three different track styles. Now they’ll weave around but change up their “gait” from time to time so that “hopping pattern” is only one of the three ways they walk. I don't think he mentioned the other two ways, but something to note.

  • Third method: Fishers, if around a swamp they’ll be right on the Edge of that. They’ll hug the edge. If there's a break in the trees (say pine to deciduous), they’ll be on that edge as well.

  • Hang skunk essence (like the Sam Wood set). Hang it up about shoulder high (same as I did at 4’). They love anything stinky (chunk of porcupine he picked off the road, rotten (yes use used that word) venison, rotten fish, etc. The nicest thing he’s ever put in a cubby was beaver meat.

  • Think of the fisher bolting through the woods as they do. They’ll pick up the smell of skunk up high, then loose it once start hunting… but he puts his cubbies on the ground he said and puts a chunk of the meat in there so they then pick-up that smell once close. He always traps fisher on the ground.

  • He says you need to get your fisher tags filled out before opening day of gun season. Because the fishers will “camp out” on the gut piles until they’re cleaned up, which would mean a dead zone for 2 weeks after gun (Deer) season is over.