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Fendi Backed Furmark Fur Certification
Oct 20, 2022 13:12 ET

[Reprinted from original]

Fur Moment: The International Fur Federation’s fur traceability standard Furmark, is taking its retail conquests to new heights. On Tuesday, more than 50,000 Furmark labels hit the shops of fur retailers across the globe. This helps Furmark inch closer to its goal of certifying more than 1 million fur products in the next two years.

Since launching in September 2021, Furmark has seen 150 manufacturers — and a number of brands, including Fendi, most recently — join its ranks on the quest for more transparency in the industry. (Essentially, Fendi has adopted the Furmark certification with the goal to have 100-percent of its furs certified Furmark pelts by 2023). The Furmark system currently certifies the following fur types: mink, fox, finnraccoon, swakara, farm-raised sable, wild sable and wild fur. The blockchain-powered system lets customers see a record of their furs from farm to shelf (including fur type, origin, animal welfare programs, manufacturer and manufacturer location), in what the IFF hopes will unlock transparency.

Though Furmark aims to advance protocols on vetted animal welfare and environmental standards, some setbacks (and long-running protests by animal rights organizations or attack by governments amid COVID-19 scares) may keep the industry at odds.

IFF’s chief executive officer Mark Oaten maintains optimism amid the uncertainty.

“Amongst all the uncertainty and hardships we’ve faced, with the pandemic, the sanctions in Russia, and the multiple lockdowns throughout China, much like many other industries, the fur industry has certainly operated in ebbs and flows. However, behind the scenes, the people of this industry have shown incredible resilience, and have come together in a way that can only incite optimism and excitement,” he said. “One thing is certain; the Furmark system has shaken up the game. If people had doubts about buying or wearing natural fur, then they have been unequivocally answered with Furmark.”

Exec Changes: The Sustainable Apparel Coalition made a number of new appointments on Monday, including Lee Green, senior director marketing and communications and Nadia York, chief of staff.

The nonprofit represents a mass of industry power, with its membership boasting combined revenues of more than $750 billion. The SAC said the appointments will bolster the leadership team as the organization continues to lead the industry toward a shared vision of sustainability that is based on a joint multistakeholder approach for measuring, improving and sharing performance.

Green will oversee all communications and marketing activities while York will work closely with the leadership team and board to provide strategic support and synergy within the organization.

Their appointments further support the SAC’s 2022 annual meeting themed “Collective Action on Common Ground” which will take place in Singapore Nov. 1 to 2.