Conservation and Trapping News

Faith and Values Podcast Daily
Dec 12, 2023 07:19 ET

Yes we know them. No, they're not paying us (although we wouldn't turn it down). TruNews really is important, and that is why we decided to give them the top ad spot for a while.

Here's the lowdown: Rick Wiles' TruNews recently changed its name to Faith & Values which is why you see two names.

You can watch the first 18 minutes each day of the show (for free) here:

Then subscribe ($9.99/month) for the entire daily shows, plus Morning Manna podcast (bible study) and much more, here:

TruNews/'Faith and Values' is a wonderful NEWS and information alternative to whatever you currently listen to daily. The hosts are Rick Wiles and Dr. Raymond Burkhart. Rick formerly worked for CBN and TBN and also MSM outlets.

The podcast can be listened-to on your phone: using their app or downloading the .mp3 file. Or, you can watch each episode on their website in video; whichever form you preferred.

Get smarter this year and give TruNews (now Faith and Values) a try!

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