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F&W regulations amended
Feb 23, 2023 07:32 ET

Didn't look like any trapping changes, just coyote hunting changes.

Relevant section appeared to be:


301 KAR 2:251 – Hunting and trapping seasons and limits for furbearers

This regulation establishes seasons, bag limits, legal methods of take and checking and recording requirements for hunting and trapping furbearers, which include mink, muskrat, beaver, raccoon, opossum, gray and red fox, least and long-tailed weasel, river otter, bobcat, coyote and striped skunk.

The amendments extend the timeframe for the night hunting coyotes with lights season. It is now Dec. 1-March 31 and May 16-June 30 on public and private lands. On private lands only, hunters during this season may now use a modern firearm, including any modern breech-loading rifle, pistol or shotgun without caliber restrictions.

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