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FWP seeking volunteer trapper education instructors
Dec 21, 2021 11:21 ET

[Reprinted from original]

Every year, a new generation of trappers takes to the mountains and plains of Montana. Those new trappers need training and instruction, not only for safety and ethics, but also on how to truly enjoy the outdoor experience. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks needs volunteer instructors for the new Trapper Education Program across the state.

Beginning in the 2022 trapping season, Montana will require aspiring trappers to complete a mandatory trapper education program.

“We are excited to offer this brand-new education program,” said Wayde Cooperider, outdoor skills and safety supervisor for FWP. “Our goal for trapper education is to impart the knowledge and skills to be an ethical, safe, legal, responsible and humane trapper.”

Just like Montana’s Hunter and Bowhunter Education Programs, the heart of the Trapper Education Program will be a corps of dedicated volunteer trapper instructors.

“These instructors will stand as examples of how each trapper should demonstrate ethics, behavior, and responsibility to themselves, landowners, other outdoor users and the resource,” Cooperider said.

Many instructors say there is no greater reward than hearing a former student tell the story of their first successful trapping or hunting experience.

Those interested in applying to become a trapper education instructor can visit, or can call Cooperider at 406-444-9947 for more details and an application.