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Feb 7, 2020 08:43 ET
TEXT for posterity:

Fur Harvesters Auction Inc:
China Coronavirus Update as it pertains
to the wild fur trade in China.
There has been much rumor and misinformation recently being communicated throughout the fur trade
more specifically at the North American Trapper level. Our company is in constant contact with hundreds
of manufactures, dressing companies, fashion designers and fur brokers on a weekly basis from all over the
Globe. All the major freight forwarding companies in HK and Main Land China are receiving incoming
fur shipments with NO ISSUES at all as of this release and they are expecting none. We are positioned to
sell March 28th through to the 30th and are anticipating a very strong attendance. The global fur trade is
well aware of our increased quantities. As well the prestigious fashion houses of Europe are committed
to attending as this is the only North American venue offering TOP quality auction grade WILD FUR that
meet their high standard of quality assurance guidelines.
Our commodity is rare and not over produced and all those needing wild fur will attend in person or, as
commonly done, place their orders through one of the vast number of International Fur Brokers that support
us and all the world’s Fur Auction Houses. The wild fur market will be set at our March 28th - 30th 2020
auction and we are going to great lengths to ensure the best results possible.
Further news will be released in the coming days to confirm our efforts.
Mark Downey
Chief Executive Officer