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Jun 23, 2020 08:24 ET

[Reprinted from original]


There has yet to be a real live fur auction take place in 2020 anywhere in the world in the traditional sense. The European auctions as well as Russia attempted online auctions as did we here at FHA.

It is very apparent, as most predicted, that an online fur auction is far and away less productive than a traditional live auction. An auction room full of buyers from around the globe cannot be duplicated in an online auction of any kind. Goods need to be touched and looked at and compared in order to confidently purchase at a level needed to clear millions upon millions of skins. Wild fur it seems has so far had the best overall results compared to ranch fur in this time of online auctions.

It has really depended on the species we are selling as items such as beaver, muskrat, raccoon and coyote sold at what is considered good levels in such a time as we now all face. It has been the top luxury skins of lynx, lynx cat and sables that have struggled to sell as buyers want to personally inspect these skins before taking a position to buy.

We have made the decision to move ahead with a planned live auction in August. Goods will be offered for inspection starting August 27th through to August 29th. Selling will take place August 30th and 31st. This Covid19 remains a moving target and no one can predict the time to pull the trigger on when things will be NORMAL. What we do know is the worst case scenario will have Canadian Brokers and manufacturers and skin dealers and dressers able to attend this auction. Will the Federal Government open up our border to the south and will our airports be open to International arrivals between now and our sale? No one knows.

We do know that those buyers that are able to attend will be capitalizing on getting orders from customers unable to attend due to travel restrictions. Goods will be able to be physically appraised and catalogs prepared by those attending will be widely distributed globally, and this will definitely foster better results with brokers acquiring new customers. If in a month’s time the Canada/US border opens, this will boost attendance. There are a good number of very successful, competent Canadian brokers that have very large international portfolios of customers. Most everyone knows each other in this business and any foreign buyers needing goods that are unable to attend will reach out to a broker that is in North Bay. There is opportunity to those fortunate enough to attend this auction to acquire a lot of orders they would not have gotten otherwise.

Business will carry on as dressing plants need your product; manufacturers need your product; and as retail shops have now begun to open up shoppers will once again be able to purchase fur products.

This has been a year of unprecedented challenges that we may likely never see again. It is always difficult to stand and deliver in times of crisis and uncertainty but trappers have always done just that and here we remain TODAY.

Keep the faith and thanks for your continued support .


Mark Downey
Chief Executive Officer
Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.