Conservation and Trapping Science

Exploring Outdoors Kansas: Trapping apologetics
Sep 26, 2021 16:27 ET

I love the Kansas State Fair and I love talking to people about trapping, so I spend some time each year at the Kansas Fur Harvesters Assn. booth, near the butter sculture, at the Kansas State Fair. That booth is an excellent way to educate people about the importance of trapping here in the U.S.

Displayed at the booth are tanned pelts representing every furbearer found in Kansas. Everyone enjoys trying to identify each pelt as they run their fingers through the soft luxurious fur. The skunk pelt is always a good conversation starter, and visitors are usually astonished at how soft and beautiful skunk fur really is; even more surprising to them is the fact that skunk essence is used in MINUTE amounts in perfume as an agent to hold and carry the aroma, making it last longer (ever noticed how long skunk smell hangs around?) We also have a unique hat made from 3 skunk pelts that provides me more fun than should be allowed. I talk fair visitors from seniors in wheelchairs to young kids into getting their pictures taken with it on their heads.