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Dave Vander Meer Reads his book to you (video)
Jan 2, 2019 18:03 ET
Comments: I found this on the Trapping Today podcast (see main page of Trappers Report for links).

Book Title: The Call of the Wilderness: A Trapper's Tale

Published: March 27, 2014

Dave Vander Meer was just eighteen years old when he set out on his own to explore the northern wilderness of Ontario. Winter would start in just a week, and there was a camp to build, traps to set, and food and furs to collect. To survive, he needed to call upon all his knowledge because the closest point of civilization was more than twenty miles away. Now, years later, he still looks back upon his time as a teenager in the woods with wonder. He had the chance to walk the trails and paddle the lakes as he experienced the excitement of eluding several brushes with death. Jump into a dream and experience the beauty, danger, and excitement that a trapper enjoys during his daily routines in The Call of the Wilderness. Author's note: Thank you to Caitlyn Vander Meer for the great job of editing this book. It was more work than you expected. I guess my ninth grade grammar was misplaced somewhere over the last thirty-eight years.

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