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DNR extends muskrat trapping season in several areas
Feb 14, 2019 12:30 ET

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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is extending the trapping season for muskrat in several areas of northwest Iowa until April 1.

The areas where the extended season is being allowed are Diamond Lake, West Hottes and Marble Lake in Dickinson County; Burr Oak Lake in Emmet County, Trumbull Lake and Barringer Slough in Clay County; Virgin Lake in Palo Alto County, and the Lizard Lake Wildlife Area and Little Clear Lake in Pocahontas County.

DNR officials say the extended season is intended to serve, in part, as a management tool to help keep marsh areas in a healthy balance.

The agency says trappers participating in the extended season will be able to place traps directly into muskrat dens, which is not allowed during the regular trapping season.