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DEC: Trappers Assist Ongoing Fisher Research
Feb 26, 2020 19:57 ET

Harvest data suggests a decline in fisher populations in certain wildlife management units within the Adirondack Park. To get a better idea of what could be driving these apparent declines, DEC initiated a study on fisher demographic rates in 2019. DEC biologists hope to get an idea of reproductive rates and survival of fisher in the central Adirondacks and compare them to demographic rates from the more robust population in the Tug Hill area. Thanks to some dedicated trappers providing expertise and trapping assistance, this field season has been a great success thus far! Biologists have captured over 30 fisher this winter, including seven females that have been outfitted with GPS collars. Blood tests done by Cornell University suggest that several of these females are pregnant. In the spring, DEC biologists will attempt to successfully track these females to dens. By monitoring these dens using game cameras, DEC can get a better idea of the number of kits each female has and monitor their survival and movements throughout the year.