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D.C. Moves to Decimate the Fur Market, Trapping
Apr 14, 2022 06:21 ET

[Reprinted from original]

Last week, nine out of 13 Washington, D.C., council members introduced Bill 24-0758, legislation to outlaw the sale of fur products throughout D.C. with exemptions for taxidermy and leather. This will decimate all trade in fur, leaving trappers and others who rely on fur products with no way to sustain their activities. The impacts will be felt far and wide, including on all-fur products and any items that utilize fur in production, such as fishing lures, boots, gloves or other clothing, jewelry and toys.

“We have seen this same routine across the country. Politicians with a particular ideology completely ignore the ramifications and unintended consequences of their actions,” said Dillon Barto, manager of state services at the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “It is vital that sportsmen voice opposition to this legislation that sets poor precedent and pushes animal-rights rhetoric into our homes and businesses.”

D.C. sportsmen with a passion for protecting our heritage should contact members of the council. Emails should be sent to:

Chairman Phil Mendelson: pmendelson@dccouncil...

Chair Pro-Tempore Kenyan McDuffie (D-Ward 5): kmcduffie@dccouncil....

Representative Anita D. Bonds (At-Large):

Representative Christina Henderson (At-Large): chenderson@dccouncil...

Representative Elissa Silverman (At-Large): esilverman@dccouncil...

Representative Robert C. White (At-Large):

Representative Brianne K. Nadeau (Ward 1):

Representative Brooke Pinto (Ward 2):

Representative Mary M. Cheh (Ward 3):

Representative Janeese George (Ward 4): jlewisgeorge@dccounc...

Representative Charles Allen (Ward 6):

Representative Vincent C. Gray (Ward 7):

Representative Trayon White (Ward 8):

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