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Coyote Spotted At Ridgewood Duck Pond
Nov 13, 2018 08:10 ET

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RIDGEWOOD, NJ — A coyote was spotted at the Duck Pond Friday night, a resident reported.

The resident said the coyote ran in front of her car on East Ridgewood Avenue near the pond.

Coyote sightings in this part of Bergen County are not uncommon. A coyote was spotted in Haworth three times in two days earlier this year. but officials warn residents to be cautious nonetheless.

The Duck Pond is a popular spot for people to walk their dogs or jog.

Local and state officials have issued safety tips about coyotes:

Coyotes primarily hunt rodents and rabbits for food, but will take advantage of eating whatever food is available. Please make sure all garbage is secured on properties.
Clear brush and weeds from around the house to reduce protective cover for both coyotes and prey animals like rodents and rabbits.
Never leave children or small domestic animals unsupervised, even in familiar surroundings such as backyards.
Coyotes are fairly skittish animals and should not be tempted to advance toward humans, if they do contact police immediately.
Never try to feed or advance towards coyotes, they are wild animals, not pets and may become aggressive if they feel they are being stalked or in danger.
There have been incidents of aggressive coyotes in Bergen County in recent years.

Five coyotes circled a dog walker and a dog in Saddle River last year. The five coyotes came within six feet of the walker and the dog, but did not attack. A passing motorist honked their horn, got out and disrupted the confrontation.

Two such animals were seen in Saddle River County Park in May 2016.

A coyote that attacked and bit a man walking his dog in Norwood in 2015 tested positive for rabies. That animal was later found and euthanized. A female coyote was found near a Norwood school and a den was not far away.