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County leads bobcat harvest for season
Mar 3, 2020 07:41 ET

[Reprinted from original]

PIKE COUNTY, Il (WGEM) -- Hunters in Illinois ended the 2019-2020 bobcat season with 306 harvested, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources reported Monday.

Pike County led the harvest with 22 bobcats, 16 of those were done so by trap.

It's the same total as the 2018-2109 season, but 29 more roadkill were salvaged this year by permit holders.

This was Illinois' fourth bobcat season with 1,000 permits issued. The season ended on February 15.

"The IDNR appreciates the support of hunters, trappers and IDNR staff who collected jaws for bobcat research at SIU Carbondale and of cooperating landowners and trappers in central Illinois who have helped with bobcat research at Western Illinois University... The IDNR and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fund research to continue learning about Illinois’ only feline furbearer. The recovery of this species (and many others) and continued research are possible because of the support of the sportsmen and sportswomen of Illinois."

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
A table with bobcat harvest totals by county can be found at: