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City of Ottawa to trap Coyotes
Oct 12, 2022 06:56 ET

[Reprinted from original]

The City of Ottawa is advising residents of Riverside Park South that coyote control measures will begin this weekend to counter a series of encounters and attacks.

The city has responded to hundreds of calls about coyotes this year, and the Ottawa ordinance has notably increased patrols in the Riverside Park South area. Several residents have reported missing pets they believe were killed by coyotes.

Experts say the construction may bring coyote feeding grounds closer to homes.

In a PSA, the City of Ottawa said it would begin operations Friday on a large green space in the Riverside Park area.

“There is a limited time frame in which these operations can be successfully completed,” the city said. “The accustomed coyotes, no longer afraid of humans, are captured alive and humanely euthanized if necessary.”

The city is asking residents to avoid the McCarthy Woods area and the hydroelectric corridors bounded by Riverside Drive to the west and McCarthy Road to the east while these operations continue.

Pet owners are asked to keep their small pets indoors or otherwise, on a leash and under close supervision, especially at night.

The city said it will notify residents when operations are complete.