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Child Attacked by Coyote in Park
Dec 19, 2018 07:43 ET

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The City of Airdrie Parks department has received a report of a coyote attack on a human in Nose Creek Park yesterday (December 17).

This is the second attack within one week, the first took place in Nose Creek Park on December 14.

According to Jill Iverson, Director of Communications with the City of Airdrie, a young boy was attacked by a coyote that lunged at his neck and tried to bite him. Luckily he was wearing winter gear which helped protect him from any serious injury.

The parks department is very concerned with these attacks and they're taking immediate action to maintain safety. Iverson says the city has been taking a few different measures to help prevent future incidents like these.

"We had been hazing, which means shooting off guns around coyotes to scare them off, as well as spreading scent deterrents which is bear urine - generally coyotes are afraid of bears so when they smell urine, they stay away from the area." Iverson explains that this was before when the coyotes were sighted. Since they've now been stepping up and attacking smaller animals and domestic pets, the city has stepped up their response team with live trapping.

Now that attacks have been made on humans, the city is working hard with Fish and Wildlife to determine stronger actions to prevent any further danger.

Beginning tonight until further notice in Nose Creek Park, park staff as well as city consultants will be patrolling until the Airdrie Festival of Lights closes and everyone has been able to go home.

"We're taking residents safety very seriously and certainly want to do everything we can to make sure this doesn't happen again," says Iverson.

It is important to know what to do in a situation when faced with an agressive coyote.

Respond to their presence aggressively by making yourself appear large; wave your arms, throw objects towards the coyote
Shout in a deep voice and maintain eye contact
If the coyote approaches, back away slowly and move toward buildings or human activity
Do not turn away and run as this may encourage the coyote to chase
Dog repellants and bear spray products can be effective in deterring coyotes
To avoid attracting coyotes to your neighbourhood:

Do not feed them
Bring in pet food dishes or feed pets outside
Dispose of garbage and compost materials in containers thathave secure lids or keep them in the garage or a shed
Only take garbage out on collection day
Keep a clean backyard
Protect your pets
If you see a coyote in the city actively attacking a person or pet, call 9-1-1. For non-emergency situations and to report encounters please contact the Parks Department at or call 403-948-8400.