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Cattaraugus County Raw Fur Auction set for Feb. 18
Feb 4, 2023 15:23 ET


Raw Fur Auction set for Feb. 18

The Cattaraugus County Trappers Association has announced the group will be sponsoring a Raw Fur Auction on Saturday, Feb. 18 at the Hinsdale Fire Hall, 3832 Main St., in Hinsdale. This will be for the buying and selling of fox, raccoon, muskrat, mink, beaver, and more. Help will be available to assist the grading of fur for sale. No fur can be checked in before 7 a.m. The auction starts at 10 a.m.

The auction will continue until everything is sold. However, sellers have the privilege to withdraw from any table at the time of sale. Food will be available. For more information, contact Kevin Parker at 474-7251 or Brian Davis at 945-4223.

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