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Canada Goose Lawsuit CLASS ACTION (proposed) Decision and Order (pdf)
Jul 1, 2021 14:44 ET
Above link is the decision from 06/29/21 regarding the law suit that accused Canada Goose of.... "deceptive labeling representations related to the humane treatment of the coyotes used in its fur products"

Keep in mind just last week before this decision Canada Goose announced they would remove real wild fur from their products completely. I don't know if this lawsuit was related or not to the announcement as I'm not following this other than to put up the documents. I might read them sometime.

Snippet from Law 360 that explained:

Law360 (June 30, 2021, 6:35 PM EDT) -- A New York federal judge said Canadian clothing company Canada Goose must face a proposed class action for allegedly misleading consumers about its "cruel" coyote fur sourcing in an attempt to pander to ethical buyers.

In a 29-page order Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero said George Lee made a plausible argument that Canada Goose's public vow of commitment to "ethical, responsible and sustainable sourcing" is misleading to consumers — and that his allegations "support the reasonable inference that Canada Goose obtains fur from trappers whose methods are inhumane, despite its outward commitment to 'ethical' fur sourcing."