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Cajun Possum Chili Recipe
Jan 29, 2019 22:13 ET
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Comments: Cajun 'Possum Chili by Chris Rhoads, Arkansas

Tomato sauce
1 teaspoon to 1 cup chili powder (depending on taste)
1 large opossum or 3 small opossums
1 large pot
5-10 chili peppers (depending on taste)
5-10 red peppers (depending on taste).
5-10 jalapeno peppers (depending on taste)
Cayenne pepper to taste
1 teaspoon black pepper Salt to taste
Chili beans for extra flavor

1. Skin 'possums.
2. Remove internal organs, head, claws and bones. There is no flavor or use for these. But if you want to add them, go ahead.
3. Put some tomato sauce in the pot. Then add the 'possum.
4. Chop peppers.
5. Put the rest of the ingredients in the pot. Cook on medium heat for a long dang while.
6. Serve. Enjoy!

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