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Bobcat Study: from Trapping Today podcast
Apr 22, 2018 11:35 ET
Comments: Abstract
Bobcat Lynx rufus populations are thought to be increasing in North America; however, little information exists on their current population status. In the United States, management and monitoring of bobcat populations is the responsibility of state wildlife management agencies. We surveyed state wildlife management agencies in each of the 48 contiguous states regarding the current population status, distribution, and monitoring protocols of bobcats within each respective jurisdiction. We also surveyed the governments of Mexico and Canada regarding bobcat population status within their jurisdictions. We received responses from 47 U.S. states, Mexico, and 7 Canadian provinces. Responses indicate that bobcats occur in each of the contiguous states except for Delaware. Populations were reported to be stable or increasing in 40 states, with 6 states unable to report population trends and only 1 state (Florida) reporting decreases in bobcat populations. Of the 47 states in which bobcats occur, 41 employ some form of population monitoring. Population density estimates were available for 2,011,518 km2 (33.6%) of the estimated bobcat range in the United States, with population estimates between 1,419,333 and 2,638,738 individuals for this portion of their range and an estimated 2,352,276 to 3,571,681 individuals for the entire United States. These results indicate that bobcat populations have increased throughout the majority of their range in North America since the late 1990s and that populations within the United States are much higher than previously suggested.