Conservation and Trapping News

Bill to increase trap check time from 24 to 48 hours
Feb 24, 2022 15:37 ET

Extends the time for an individual to check a trap that captures and kills a furbearing animal from 24 hours to 48 hours. Requires the department of natural resources to publish a recommendation that the best practice to tend or visit, or have tended or visited a furbearing trap that is the person's property within a period not to exceed 24 hours. Establishes a one day license for fur buyers. Provides that in a county having a population with certain parameters, a local flood plain administrator may issue a variance allowing a structure located in a floodway to remain in its location without a permit issued by the director of the department of natural resources if: (1) the structure is an abode or residence; (2) a permit for the construction of the abode or residence was issued by the appropriate official of the county before December 19, 2018; and (3) other conditions are met.

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