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Bill seeking to ban fur sales NIXED
Feb 3, 2024 13:40 ET

[Reprinted from original]

A bill to ban fur sales that irked fly tiers and trappers won’t advance any further at the statehouse this year.

Senate Bill 6294, sponsored by Sen. Derek Stanford, D-Bothell, would have prohibited the sale of fur products. The measure was aimed at ending the sale of fur clothing items, but trappers and fly tiers were concerned that the bill would affect their hobbies.

The bill did not advance out of the Senate Business, Finance, Gaming and Trade Committee before a procedural deadline on Wednesday.

Stanford said in a statement that the bill would not progress any further during this session.

“The legislation focuses on the use of fur in fashion items, but testimony in committee made clear that the bill language needs refinement to ensure it doesn’t have unintended negative consequences for hunting and fishing,” Stanford said. “Further work with stakeholders in the interim is needed to make sure the bill is effectively targeted to the problem it is intended to solve.”

The bill would have banned the sale or trade of clothing made of fur and any animal skin with hair, fleece or fibers attached.

It had the support of several animal rights organizations who argued during a committee hearing last month that the legislation would cut demand for products from an industry they say is cruel to animals.

Advocates for the fur industry opposed it alongside organizations representing hunters and trappers and people involved in the fly fishing industry, who feared the bill could impact the sale of common fly tying materials.

An amendment was made before last month’s hearing, but it didn’t allay opponents’ concerns.

California became the first state to ban fur sales last year.