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Beaver: Looking to Hire trapper in Queensbury, NY
Dec 3, 2022 06:10 ET

Looking to hire a Licensed New York State Trapper to attend to a nuisance beaver problem in Queensbury, NY.

Also, looking to establish a long-term working relationship, as these services will be required about once per year.

1. Proof of New York State Trapping License
2. Provide Traps

1. Dam Removal
2. Trap Setting
3. Daily Tending of Traps

1. The property owner will acquire all necessary NYS DEC Nuisance Beaver permits
2. Dam Removal consists of 4 to 8 hours of physical labor, depending on the size and number of dams
3. Conibear Traps have been successful in the past

If interested, please email with a competitive quote for your services to complete this job.