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Beaver-con 2021 (pictures)
Nov 15, 2021 06:08 ET

I had entertained heading up north again this year for the first time in 3 years. I no sooner decided Not to go, and a week after I told the landowners I was going to pass, they called me and made an offer I couldn’t refuse. A travel stipend and they were providing a place to stay. My son really wanted to go again after 3 years, so I agreed to head up.

Got up north last week and they went overboard, securing us a beautiful historic farmhouse that could sleep 12. We went right to work and my son took plenty of pics again. We cleared up some flooded x-country ski trails and horse carriage roads. Couldn’t keep up with skinning and no matter how many I got done, we seemed to freshen the pile every day. Ended up with over 30 Bigs for the week plus a few kits and muskrats.

Despite the now 8 hour drive, we decided in another year or two to make one more trip up together for their fisher season.

(click link for the pictures)

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